How to take a Screen Shot

This tutorial is going to teach you how to take a screen shot of something on your computer. Sometimes this is necessary to help show support services what the problem is with your computer, or to show the error message you are receiving. This is much easier than trying to describe it, or even copy the message.

For windows:

Locate the PrtScn key on your keyboard and press it. Nothing seems to happen, but in fact it has already taken a screen shot.

You may click Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, and then Paint. Once that program opens, go to the Edit menu and click Paste, or you can press Ctrl V.

Now click File, and from the dropdown menu select Save As. In the box that pops up, change the "Save As Type" to PNG or JPG. Type any file name you like. Choose a location easy to remember, like the Desktop, and click the Save button.

For Mac:
Press ()+Shift+3 for Fullscreen Snapshot, or ()+Shift+4 for Crosshair snapshot.

Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop.

To send your screenshot, simply attach the PNG or JPG file to your email reply. Alternatively, you can upload the file to your public_html folder and tell us the name of the file.

This concludes the tutorial on how to take a screenshot and send it.

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