How to Create Event Timer

For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll assume we want to create an Event Timer for newly registered members.

To create an Event Timer
  1. Go to Promotion > Event Timer.
  2. To add Event Timer, click on Add Item top right of Event Timer Cart page.

Then, the following page will be displayed.

  1. Fill in the Timer Name 
  2. Change Status to enable to display the event timer
  3. Activation event
  4. No. of Display Per Customer
  5. Discount Type 
    • Choose either fixed amount or percentage (e.g 10%)
  6. Discount Amount
    • Determine the discount amount of the event
  7. Determine the Date Start  
  8. Determine the Time Start
  9. Determine the Date End
  10. Determine the Time End
  11. Determine the Timer Duration 
  12. Activation Event 
  13. Sort Order
    • Determine the display sequence of the event timer
  14. Box Backgroung color
    • Choose the background color of the display box
  15. Box Text Color
    • Choose the text color of the event timer
  16. Click Save

This is how it looks like in the store after a customer registers.

event timer

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