How to create a customer account manually

Customers > Customers

If you happen to have customers placing orders through you and not through your online store, you can manually create the customers accounts for them. To create a customer account,
  1. Go to Customers > Customers
  2. Click New

Then, you will directed to the following page.

Descriptions :

  1. First Name
    • Enter the given name of the customer
  2. Last Name
    • Enter the surname of the customer
  3. Status
    • Turn the status to On
  4. E-Mail
    • Enter a valid email of the customer
  5. Password
    • Create a temporary password for the customer
  6. Confirm Password
    • Retype the temporary password for confirmation
  7. Telephone
    • Enter the contact no. of the customer
  8. Fax
    • Enter the fax no. of the customer, if applicable
  9. Newsletter
    • Turn this On if the customer agrees to subscribe to your store newsletters
  10. Customer Group
    • Assign this customer to the  group

Next, you need to key in the customer's address.

Descriptions :

  1. Click on Address tab
  2. Add Address
    • Click when you need to enter a new address
  3. Default Address
    • Turn this On if the address is the default address
  4. First Name
    • Enter the given name of the customer
  5. Last Name
    • Enter the surname of the customer
  6. Address 1
    • Enter line 1 of the address
  7. Address 2
    • Enter line 2 of the address, if applicable
  8. City
    • Enter the city
  9. Postcode
    • Enter the postcode
  10. Region/State
    • Enter the state
  11. Country
    • Enter the country
  12. Save 
    • Click to save and continue
  13. Back
    • Click to exit


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