How to add Products Brands

Products > Brands

To create a Product Brand, 

  1. Go to Products > Brands
  2. Click New

You will be redirected to the following page.

 Descriptions :

  1. Brand Name
    • Enter a brand name of your product
  2. Description
    • Enter product brand description, if applicable
  3. SEO
    • Input the Page Title (name of page), Page URL (name of product brand page link) and Meta Tag Description (summary of page content with related keywords)
  4. Meta Tag Keywords
    • Input the relevant and potential keywords used to search for this brand
  5. Brand Image
    • Browse and select the brand logo from the Image Manager, if applicable
  6. Sort Order
    • Arrange the display sequence of brands in the store by assigning numbers in ascending order
  7. Save
    • Click this to save and continue
  8. Back
    • Click this to exit

Sample Screenshots of Product Brands in the store

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