How to create Products Attributes

Products > Attributes

After creating Attribute Groups, you can start defining its Attributes

  1. Go to Products > Attributes
  2. Click on Attributes tab
  3. Click New

You will be directed to the following page.

Descriptions :

  1. Attribute Name
    • Define the name for the Attribute
  2. Attribute Group
    • Determine which Attribute Group does this Attribute belongs to
  3. Sort Order
    • Arrange the display sequence of the Attributes in the store by assigning numbers in ascending order
  4. Save
    • Click this to save and continue
  5. Back
    • Click this to exit

Usage :

  1. To be used as further information on the product characteristics or specifications.
  2. To be used for product comparisons
  3. To be used in Product Filter/Refine Search criterias

Sample Screenshots of Product Attributes in the store

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