Google Webmaster Tools Usage

In this section we will describe the most important details about your website and its search engine rankings that you can monitor through Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Top search queries

This area will display the top queries that lead to your website being displayed in the search engine results. You can use those in order to determine whether your website is returned for the appropriate search engine phrases and keywords.

  • Crawl errors

Here you will see various errors that Google bots encountered while trying to crawl your website. Also each category will link to a page with more detailed information. Thus you can review and rectify the issues.

  • Links to your site

This area will display links that lead to your website. It also includes a link to an article where you can find more information why those statistics might differ compared to another tools.

  • Keywords

The Keywords section will display the top keywords associated with your website. This is very important information for your website and how it is displayed in the search engine results pages.

  • Sitemaps

If you have just started using the Google Webmaster Tools this area will allow you to upload a sitemap for your website.

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