Google Webmaster Tools Tips and Tricks

In this section we will review somr of the options provided to webmasters in the Google Webmaster Tools' left side menu. Most of them are quite self-explanatory so we will provide more information where and how exactly you can achieve certain functionality. 

  • If you want to have your domain name displayed in the search engine results with or without the www prefix you can adjust those settings via Site configuration -> Settings -> Preferred domain. The options will allow you to set a preferred domain name or have URLs displayed as either or   
  • Under the Your site on the web area you will find various detailed information regarding your web site. Top search queries that yielded your website as a result, links to your web site, keywords your web site is tagged for, internal links you have and subscriber stats are included in this area. Each sub category will provide you with more information regarding the specific term.   
  • A very important feature of the Google Webmaster Tools is the Diagnostics section. Basically it will point out what is wrong with your website considering crawl statistics and what errors the search bots have encountered while crawling your website. Additionally, it will propose you how to improve the indexing through HTML suggestions. It is very important to keep crawl errors to minimum and follow the provided HTML suggestions if you want to be ranked well in the Google web searches.

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