How to set Purchase Restriction

Products > Products

To implement Purchase Restriction,

  1. Go to Products > Products
  2. Click on Data tab
  3. Scroll down to Purchase Restriction section

Descriptions :

  1. Minimum Quantity Per Order
    • Set the minimal quantity to checkout for each order
  2. Maximum Quantity Per Order
    • Set the maximal quantity to checkout for each order
  3. Total Quantity Allowed Per Customer
    • Set the maximum quantity that can be ordered/checkout by the same customer/account
  4. Save
    • Click this to save and continue
  5. Back
    • Click this to exit

Usages : 

  1. Useful for wholesale program (e.g. Minimum Quantity Per Order is 12 units)
  2. Can be used for marketing purposes (e.g. setting Maximum Quantity Per Order/Customer due to super promotion or for customer trial purposes)

Sample Screenshots of Purchase Restriction in the store

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