How to create Product Categories

Products > Categories

To create Product Categories, 

  1. Go to Products > Categories
  2. Click New

You will then be directed to the following page.

 Description : 

  1. Category Image
    • Browse and select an image from Image Manager to be used as the category's image, if applicable
  2. Category Name
    • Name the product category that you are creating
  3. Description
    • Enter the category's description, if applicable
  4. SEO
    • Input the Page Title (name of page), Page URL (name of category page link) and Meta Tag Description (summary of page content with related keywords)
  5. Meta Tag Keywords
    • Input the relevant and potential keywords used to search for this category
  6. Status
    • On the status when you want it to be displayed in the store
  7. Parent
    • Select the intended parent if this category is a child, leave it if this category is a parent
  8. Sort Order
    • Arrange the display sequence of the categories in the store by assigning numbers in ascending order
  9. Show In Top Menu Bar
    • Check the box if you are choosing to have the basic menu manager
  10. Top Sub-Menu Bar Columns
    • Indicate how many columns you want to display the child categories in the sub-menu (only applicable if Show In Top Menu Bar and Basic Menu are selected)
  11. Save
    • Click this to save and continue
  12. Back
    • Click this to exit


Usage : 

  1. To classify products in its categories for ease of management and product searching by your customers
  2. To be used as your store's menu (Basic Menu)

Sample Screenshots of Product Categories in the store


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