How to assign Product Attributes to individual product

Products > Products

After creating the Attribute Group and its Attributes, you can assign them to the individual product as follow, 
  1. Go to Products > Products
  2. Select the intended product to assign the Product Attributes
  3. Click on Settings tab
  4. Click on Attribute tab
  5. Click Add Attribute

You will see a new row appear as shown below.

Descriptions :

  1. Attribute
    • Select the desired Attribute from the drop-down menu
  2. Text Description
    • Enter the corresponding description with the selected Attribute
      • Note 1 : Use commas to separate each point with no spaces after comma, e.g. Blue,Green,Pink
      • Note 2 : If you were to have multiple descriptions in one, enter them using the forward slash (/), e.g. 1GB RAM / 2GB ROM,2GB RAM / 3GB ROM
  3. Add Attribute
    • Click this to add more Attribute
  4. Save
    • Click this to save and continue
  5. Back
    • Click this to exit

Sample Screenshots of Product Attributes in the store

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