How to set up Product Tabs

Products > Product Settings > Product Tabs

To set up Product Tabs, 

  1. Go to Products > Product Settings > Product Tabs
  2. Click Add Tabs
  3. Tab Group Name - give the new tab a name for easier internal identification
  4. This Tab Group Will Be Shown For - select either for All Products or Specific Product
  5. If you have chosen Specific Product, then no. will appear.
  6. Product Name - search for the intended product and select it in the drop-down menu
  7. Add Tabs To The Product Page - click the "+" sign to add tabs
  8. Status - turn the status to On when it is ready to be displayed in the product page
  9. Sort Order - arrange the display sequence of Product Tabs in the product page by assigning numbers in ascending order (Note : Product Description tab will always be the first tab to be displayed in the product page.)
  10. Tab Name In Product Page - enter the name of the tab (e.g. Shipping Info, Size chart)
  11. Content - input the information that you would like to provide for your customer
  12. Save - click to save and continue

Sample Screenshots of Product Tabs in the store

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