How to create an image-based Product Label

Products > Product Settings > Product Labels

To create an image-based Product Label,
  1. Go to Products > Product Settings > Product Labels
  2. Click Add Label

An empty input form will be displayed on the right side of the page. We will split the form to 4 parts. 

Part 1

Descriptions :

  1. Label Name
    • Give a name for this label for easy maintenance in the future
  2. Status
    • Enable/disable this product label
  3. Start Date
    • Set a start date if applicable
  4. End Date
    • Set an end date if applicable
  5. Priority
    • Determine the importance level of this product label (3 - Highest Priority ; 1 - Lowest Priority)
  6. Hide When Lower Priority
    • Determine whether this product label should be hide when there is another higher lever priority product label being assigned to the same product

Part 2


Descriptions :

  1. Label Will Be Applied To
    • Select where this product label will appear in from the drop-down menu. For some of the selections, you are required to input further information. Please do so accordingly.
  2. Show In Product Page
    • Enable this if you want to display the product labels in the product page
  3. Limited To Product Categories
    • Disable this if you do not want to limit the display of product labels only in categories pages

Part 3

Descriptions :

  1. Type Of Label
    • Select the type of product label from the drop-down menu (Text-based or Image-based). For this case, we will select Image-based and its relevant field will be displayed.
  2. Label Image
    • Browse and select the desired label image from the Image Manager
  3. Auto Resize
    • Check this box if the label image does not adjust its size accordingly in the preview box

Part 4

Descriptions :

  1. Position
    • Set the position of this product label on the product image
  2. Background Size
    • Determine whether you want the label size to be adjusted automatically or manually
  3. Width
    • Set the width of the label (applicable only if Manual is selected under Background Size)
  4. Height
    • Set the height of the label (applicable only if Manual is selected under Background Size)
  5. Background Color
    • Select the desired color or enter the desired color code for the label background color
  6. Border
    • Enable this if you want this label to have a border
  7. Opacity
    • Set the opacity level for this product label
  8. Shadow
    • Enable this if you want this label to have a shadow effect
  9. Save
    • Click Save before leaving the page

Sample Screenshots of Product Labels in the store

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