How to set up Banners

Web Content > Banners

To set up a Banner,
  1. Go to Web Content > Banners
  2. Click New

You will then be redirected to the following page.

Descriptions : 

  1. Banner Name
    • Input a name for this Banner
  2. Status
    • Turn the Status to On when you want to display it in the store
  3. Add Banner
    • Click here to start adding banner

Note : Please do upload the relevant photos file to the Image Manager first before adding the photos here.

Descriptions :

  1. Title
    • Give a name for this banner (optional)
  2. Link
    • Enter a link for this banner, if applicable
  3. Image Display
    • Browse and select the intended banner image from the Image Manager
  4. Add Banner
    • Click to add more banner images
    • Note : If more than 1 banner is added, the banners will be displayed as slideshow in the store as shown below.
  5. Save
    • Click to save and continue

Sample Screenshot of Banner in the store


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