How to create Product Slider

Web Content > Product Slider

To create a Product Slider,
  1. Go to Web Content > Product Slider
  2. Click Add Module to add a new module

Then, the following page will be displayed.

Descriptions :

  1. Click on Module Setting tab
  2. Name
    • Give a name for this module for easy reference
  3. Carousel
    • Turn this On if you want to give your customers the ability to browse through the products in the slider like flipping the pages in a book
  4. Autoplay
    • Choose enable to display products in indefinite loop 
  5. Image Dimension (W x H)
    • Define the size of the images in this Product Slider
  6. Max Items - Max Columns - Limit Items in Carousel
    • Determine the maximum number of items, maximum number of columns and limit number of items in this Product Slider
  7. Product Display
    • Choose either product will be displayed randomised or default order 
  8. Layout
    • Choose which page to display the Product Slider
  9. Position
    • Determine which position in the chiisen page to display the Produt Slider
  10. Status
    • Turn the Status to On when you want to display this Product Slider in the store
  11. Custom Style
    • Input HTML/CSS codes for special styling effect (Optional)
  12. Sort Order
    • Arrange the display sequence of products in the Product Slider by assigning numbers in ascending order


  1. Click on Module Tab
  2. Click Add Item

You will then be shown the page below.

Descriptions :

  1. Title
    • Enter a title for this Product Slider. This will be displayed in the store.
  2. Get Product From
    • Select from the drop-down menu on how you want to input the products into this Product Slider
  3. Add Item
    • Click to add more sliders to this Product Slider
  4. Save
    • Click to save

Sample Screenshots of Product Sliders in the store

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