How to create an Event Timer promotion

Promotion > Event Timer

To create an Event Timer,

  1. Go to Promotion > Event Timer
  2. Click New

Then, you will directed to the following page.

Descriptions :

  1. Timer Name
    • Enter a name for the Event Timer. This will be shown in the checkout page.
  2. Status
    • Turn this to On when you want to run this promotion
  3. Activation Event
    • Determine the type of event that will trigger this Event Timer (upon Cart Update, Order Place, Login or New Registration)
  4. No. Of Display Per Customer
    •  Define the maximum no. of times the customers will be offered with the Event Timer Promotion
  5. Discount Type
    • Determine the type of discount that you would like to have (Percentage or Fixed Amount)
  6. Discount Amount
    • Determine the amount of discount that you would like to give after determining the Discount Type (Percentage or Fixed Amount)
  7. Date Start
    • Determine the date to start running this promotion
  8. Time Start
    • Determine the time to start running this promotion (e.g. 22:00 to indicate 10.00pm)
  9. Date End
    • Determine the date to end this promotion
  10. Time End
    • Determine the time to end this promotion (e.g. 22:00 to indicate 10.00pm)
  11. Timer Duration
    • Set the countdown timer period (e.g. 00:30 for 30 minutes duration). The customers will need to checkout within this time frame to enjoy the discount.
  12. Sort Order
    • Arrange the display sequence of Event Timers in the store by assigning numbers in ascending order
  13. Box Background Color
    • Define the background color of the Event Timer box
  14. Box Text Color
    • Define the font color in the Event Timer box
  15. Save
    • Click to save and continue
  16. Back
    • Click to exit

Sample Screenshots of Event Timer in the store

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